Guest Post

The Nerve of Commitment

by John Williams

Getting my nerve has meant maintaining my confidence and commitment to my vision. During these times it has been extremely difficult, yet at the same time, extremely imperative. I don't think I can point to a single successful company or person that has lacked confidence or commitment. More days than not, they are the only things that get you through to the next day. The past year has been tough on many people whom I respect. Getting up to face each day when it seems that everything is going wrong takes real nerve. Most people can't do it but, unfortunately, there are too many people that must.

As a co-founder of Jetcast®, my partners and I have been working on making Internet broadcasting a profitable venture for broadcasters for the past ten years or so. Several months ago we cracked the code and figured out a solution to make any Internet broadcaster profitable, regardless of size or quality. It was at this same time that the economy began to slide into a major recession. For our industry in particular, advertising-supported media and entertainment, the recession continues and probably won't ever completely go away. The business climate continues to be daunting on a daily basis and we could have given up any time along the way. But we didn't. As it turns out, Jetcast is one of those companies benefiting from the need to find new sources of revenue. We take a traditionally unprofitable venture, Internet broadcasting, and make it profitable for broadcasters. As broadcasters' other revenue centers erode, they need our products even more. Had we not maintained our confidence and commitment to our vision, we would not have the satisfaction of having figured it out.

In my many years as an entrepreneur and business leader I have learned a valuable lesson about "getting my nerve." If I don't believe in what I am doing then no one else will.

John Williams is the CEO and Co-Founder of Jetcast and ReplaceAds. He is also the founder of MeTV Network, a pioneer business in Internet delivered movies, music, sports, foreign language, and other programming. Additionally, he is the Founder and Director of Destination Films, a producer of full-length motion pictures.

  1. John excellent message! You show a real passion and confidence for what you believe in. Congratulations.

    Comment by Deb Evans — 12/09/2009 @ 2:37 PM

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