Guest Post

Nerve and Faith

by Tom Garrity

National economic trends tend to hit New Mexico about four to six months after they hit the East Coast.

Our "recession" didn't really start in earnest until the summer months. As planned, I diversified our exposure by servicing clients in different sectors. Joke was on me, they were all impacted! Some clients used a word that isn't in any contract or plan, "hiatus." So, four to six months after the rest of the country was hit, we were faced with a new economic reality.

It is safe to say there have been times I've lost my nerve; when I feel the fresh sting of failure or feel scars of the past. It is enough to keep you on the sidelines, out of the game. Changes like these can cloud your vision and challenge your faith.

Finding my nerve paralleled recalibrating my faith.

On a personal level, it consists of reminding myself that there is a larger plan and Director in charge. Recognizing that, despite the challenges, I've been blessed beyond what I deserve. And that everyone, including me, makes mistakes on a grand and small scale. I think CEOs and entrepreneurs sometimes get a "God complex" that tells them they alone are responsible for their own success. When it all falls down, they find their faith in the rubble instead of a part of the foundation.

On a professional level, I turned to our strongest assets, the employees, for their insight on markets, trends, and services. During difficult times, the employees are often the last to know. I decided it is to my benefit to engage them as a part of the solution. It was a good move. As a result, I was able to recalibrate their interests with the vision of the public relations firm, empowering me to seek out an expanded client base.

As I looked closer at the company financials and staff morale, I discovered that the clients who went on "hiatus" were actually our least profitable and caused the most stress for the team.

While this recession creates stress and uncertainty, in the words of my grandfather, "This too shall pass." Initially discouraged, recalibrating my personal and professional faith created opportunities to revamp our approach to leveraging our passion and goal of being New Mexico's preferred public relations firm.

Tom Garrity is President of The Garrity Group Public Relations, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His blog on public relations is

  1. I/We, have never doubted your talent and your ability to clear life’s obstacles.
    Your above article only reinforces our views plus acknowledging our common belief that there is something larger and wiser than ourselves and those of us who are smart, clever and talented,can see the ” big picture ” which provides an underlining support of ” what is just ” and the ultimate faith in the creator’s wisdom .

    Comment by James A Garrity ll ( AKA " DAD " ) — 12/08/2009 @ 1:41 PM

  2. Please refer to reply typed above, just under the blank person’s image.

    Comment by James A Garrity ll ( AKA " DAD " ) — 12/08/2009 @ 1:57 PM

  3. Way to go Mr. Garrity!

    Tapping into your employees ’emotional ownership’ of your company is too often overlooked! They are your team. They want to win!

    Too often, CEO’s forget that.

    You’ve done yourself and them a real service!

    As to trusting God, you’ve tapped another essential. He knows where you’re going. I’ve found that letting the guy with the roadmap drive, certainly takes a bunch on the load of caring for your team, off of your shoulders.

    Well said!

    Comment by David Day — 12/08/2009 @ 2:46 PM

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