Guest Post

We Will Survive

by Jen Halboth

We can always find the nerve to do what we love, adore or just plain dig. But how about finding the nerve to do what you hate…what you resist…what you just plain wish you didn’t have to do?

Nerve is glamorous when it's heroic: "Messier guarantees a Game 7 Win!" Truth is, many moments of monumental nerve go unnoticed by the masses.

Right now, most people (well, most sane people) aren't trying to get famous, they're simply trying to survive. And every day, people from the call center to the CEO are finding their nerve in everything from fixing the copier themselves to keeping people but cutting benefits. Do you need to play a different role within your company, even if it means a hit to your ego? Do you hold your pricing while your competitor's discount? Do you continue with that new product launch when everyone is shaking their head?

99% of nervy moves won't make the headlines. They won't win you industry awards. They won't get you interviewed by Oprah.

But 100% of nervy moves will get you up the next morning. They will show your peers you're all in it together. And they absolutely will ensure that your company won't just survive, but thrive through thousands of tomorrows.

As a supplier of travel, the Globus family of brands works closely with travel agents. You'd be hard pressed to find an occupation hit harder by the last 10 years (not just the last 10 months) than the Travel Agent. But amazingly, they're still here, and getting stronger by the day as people realize, like financial planners and doctors, the services they provide really can add up to a longer, healthier, more prosperous life. If you are wondering how, maybe it's time you take a vacation.

To help agents find their nerve, to thrive and not just survive, we created a video in celebration of their profession, in acknowledgement of their challenges and in pursuit of their successes.

Sometimes you need to survive, so you can give yourself the opportunity to thrive.

Jen Halboth is Director of Marketing for the Globus family of brands. Let Globus introduce you to your next vacation —

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