Guest Post

Relish the Struggle

by Bart Cleveland

What makes one soldier charge the enemy and another run and hide? Obviously, it's courage. Courage is an odd thing. You never know from whom it will be demonstrated.

During World War II, Audie Murphy became the most decorated war hero in American History. He was five foot nothing and weighed a little over a hundred pounds when, after being rejected by the Marines and the Navy, he was reluctantly accepted by the Army. If they had had their way with him, he would have been working in a kitchen stateside. However, Murphy wanted to fight for his country's freedom and he would not be denied. That was a good thing for us. He ended up being such a fierce fighter he won every US medal available at the time, some of them five times over.

What was inside Audie Murphy that made him so courageous? He was shy and soft-spoken, yet he was the German Army's worst nightmare. I believe his courage came from love. He passionately loved his country and he loved right over wrong. As a child, he had lived an incredibly difficult life of hardship and yet he didn't feel sorry for himself. He just worked that much harder to overcome the lousy hand life had dealt him. When his country was in trouble he didn't think of himself, but what it needed. It needed his best.

In that spirit, I suggest we relish the struggle of these tough times. From tough times come heroes. And heroes make us all better people. Though we face a much less dangerous enemy than Murphy did, it is a difficult foe. Who will be the heroes that defeat it? Will you be one?

Bart Cleveland is Creative Director and Partner at McKee Wallwork Cleveland, and a founding blogger at's Small Agency Diary.

  1. Nice article Bart, and a great reminder that character, often displayed as courage, leaves a legacy of a life well lived. We have a choice, every day, about how we react to both bad times and good. To your point, relish the struggle and if you can smile while doing so, your day will be a good one.

    Comment by Stacey Cost — 11/03/2009 @ 8:41 AM

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